Atscomm - Established Since 2002

Scope Of Services

Create and/or update Policy and Procedures Guidelines.
ATS will work with the District to evaluate existing Policies and Procedures or help develop a new or revised Policy and Procedure Guidelines for the development and ongoing management of wireless communications facilities on District property. ATS will review existing Policies and Procedures and shall make recommendations, based on professional experience and/or standard industry practices that ATS has implemented with other agencies and/or special districts. ATS recommendations shall use "best practices" and be tailored to the specific needs, concerns and/or requirements of the District.
Create new or update existing License Agreement and Amendment documents.
ATS shall use "best practices" consistent with other agencies, generate new, or collaborate on modifying existing District Lease/License Agreements and Amendments templates. ATS has created custom Master License Agreements (MLAs), Site License Agreements (SLAs) and Amendment templates, which have been approved and adopted by numerous municipal governments, agencies, and special districts. ATS's templates have been presented and accepted by legal counsel for all the major wireless carriers. ATS can develop templates for the District designed to protect District interests while providing the maximum amount of application flexibility while being standardized for simplicity. Furthermore, ATS shall ensure that any custom template restricts arbitrary use, and shall limit unauthorized carrier modifications on District property, while securing future maximum revenue generation for the District.
Site Audits and Lease/License Compliance Review.
ATS will conduct site audits of all wireless communications facilities on District Properties. ATS visit each District property to photograph and document each of the carriers' wireless communications facilities. ATS will review and evaluate all existing District leases/licenses and compare them each to the actual carrier development on District properties, outline any inconsistencies between what was Leased/Licensed versus what exists on site and make recommendations of appropriate corrective action, including, but not limited to, back rent and/or penalties for unauthorized equipment installations.
New Site Builds (NSBs).
ATS will act as the project lead on all proposed Licenses for new wireless facilities (New Site Builds - NSBs). As the project lead and point of contact, ATS will manage the NSB process from site application through site design, Leasing/Licensing negotiations to construction completion. ATS will secure the appropriate application fees, participate in site design walks, collaborate on the facilities design, to minimize any potential impact to district facilities, negotiate the License Agreement terms, while taking steps to minimize the use of District resources in terms of time, labor, legal and technical expertise, throughout the development lifecycle of wireless communications facilities.

Manage site modification projects of wireless facilities on District properties.
ATS will act as the District's project lead and coordinate all proposed carrier site modifications to their existing wireless facilities on District property. Based on the carrier's proposed project's scope of work, ATS will determine if the project is consistent with the existing Lease/License Agreement or if the project requires an Amendments to the existing Agreement. ATS will coordinate the site modification application process, assess what are the appropriate application fees, review and comment on project modification design drawings, coordinate redline corrections, draft Letters of Authorization, package and deliver requisite documents for District's consent - authorizing the carrier to proceed with construction on their proposed project. ATS will provide the carrier(s) specific process instructions and coordinate construction activity with the District's staff. ATS will insure the carrier provide proper "close-out" documents upon project completion.
Rent Audits.
ATS will conduct Rent audits for each carriers' wireless communications facility to insure proper Rent payments have been made and carriers are current with the Terms of the Lease/License Agreements and/or subsequent Amendments. ATS will analyze each carriers' Rent payment history from the Rent Commencement Date, along with the Rent Escalation factor prescribed in the Lease/License Agreement and provide the District a summary and report on its findings. In cases where discrepancies exist between the calculated Rent due and Rent payments made, ATS will draft and provide a Rent Default Letter for the District to send to the carrier(s) to demand back Rent payment(s).
Participate in staff meetings and public hearings.
ATS, at the District's directions, will conduct meetings with staff and track all activities related to new and existing wireless facilities on District property. Representatives from ATS will be available to attend and conduct public study sessions to provide information about proposals for new wireless facilities development.
Broker and Monetization Services.
In the event the District elects to do so, ATS shall negotiate the monetization or capitalization of New Leases and Existing Leases. Monetization and/or capitalization may take the form of a sale of easement, assignment of rents for value, or other transaction which results in a lump sum payable to the District in exchange for the receipt of rents due under New Leases or Existing Leases. ATS shall negotiate the price, term, and other terms and conditions of a Monetization transaction, and shall provide advice and counsel to the District as to the best options and deal structures available. ATS shall seek out offers from any and all potential offerors for such a transaction.
"Best Practices" Policies & Procedures Implementation o Lease/License Agreements o Lease/License Amendments
o Site Design, Site Development & Site Security
Audit and Monitoring
o Lease/License Review
o Carrier Site Audit / Inventory
o Report & Recommend Appropriate Corrective Action
o Rent Audit Analysis / Document / Rent Recovery
Approvals & Entitlements Representative / Management
o Staff Meetings
o Work Sessions
o Public Hearings
Planning Commission
City Council
Management New Wireless Facilities Development

o Manager Development Life-cycle (Concept - Final Building Permit Sign-off)
o Documentation and Reporting o License/Lease Negotiations
Market District Properties - to the wireless services providers
o Inventory District Property
o Identify Development opportunities (inclusive/exclusive)
o Geocode datasets for market distribution

Broker and Monetization Services
o Manage Monetization and/or capitalization of Existing or New Leases/Licenses
o Manage Contract Negotiations o Broker sale of owned/leased wireless assets